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Psychological Benefits of Music

As I considered the fact that June is Black Music Month, I immediately thought of Motown and a warm feeling came over me. Songs by The Temptations, Stevie Wonder or The Supremes are almost guaranteed to evoke happy feelings. If these names are new to you, do yourself a favor and ‘Google’ them. This train of thought led me to our Wellness topic for the month, The Psychological Benefits of Music.

If you want to firm up your body, head to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music. People listen to music to regulate arousal and mood, to achieve self-awareness, and as an expression of social relatedness. With all the various streaming sources, we have ready access to this valuable psychological tool.

When seeking to utilize the potential benefits of music in your everyday life, consider the following:

  1. Music can jump start your creativity or soothe your soul

    1. Consider listening to upbeat songs with lyrics that you find empowering to get you motivated

    2. Consider playing music with no words when needing creativity without distractions

    3. Consider soothing music when seeking to de-escalate or regulate your mood

  1. Music supports recall of memories from long ago

    1. Pleasant feelings can come to the surface or unpleasant experiences and emotions can be triggered

    2. Allow yourself to feel and face the emotions with compassion and curiosity – try not to judge or reject what arises

  1. Listen to your body

    1. Pay attention to how certain songs, artists or genres make your body feel

    2. Once you’ve identified music that is good for you, utilize it as a tool in your everyday life

What is your ‘go to’ song for a quick mood boost?



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