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Finding and Protecting Your Peace

In life, we attempt to care for our minds, bodies and spirits, while fulfilling professional, personal, community and/or family responsibilities. Navigating this process can become overwhelming. The stress of our daily responsibilities can take a toll on our overall well being. However, without peace we are less effective in managing any of the aforementioned duties. It’s critical that we find and keep our peace, so that we are stable enough to face life’s challenges and present enough to embrace life’s blessings.

Here are 7 steps to find your peace and a visual that will give perspective on how to keep it.

1. Beware of peace pickpockets.

You encounter all kinds of people and situations that try to steal your serenity. Know what they are and take measures to fend them off.

2. Take a mental health day, or morning, or moment.

Whatever time you can allow, give yourself the space to refresh your mind and spirit.

3. Rethink your “should do” and “ought to do” lists.

If the voice in your head is guilting you into doing things that don’t bring you joy, regard these as prime candidates to delete.

4. Kick the approval habit.

It’s natural to want to be liked by others—and it’s healthy to accept that it’s not going to happen all the time.

5. Be still.

If your pace is wearing you out, set aside a half-day or a full day to sit on the sofa to think, journal, read, and nap.

6. Let the music move you.

Few things are as cathartic and cleansing as your best-loved music. Use your favorite tunes to calm you down, pump you up, or stir your emotions.

7. Give yourself a quality-of-life checkup.

It’s wise to periodically assess whether you’re satisfied with the quality of your life. If you don’t feel fulfilled, ponder what changes are in order.

Inner peace is a worthwhile goal. In today's saturated world, having an inner peace plan—and working on it every day—is a good way to ensure you attain that goal.

To keep your peace, focus on the areas that are within your control and release the rest:






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