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Overcome Obstacles with Tunnel Vision

Usually, when we face difficulties in life, it's because of uncertainty.

For instance, when relationship issues arise, we may wonder:

  • Will we break up?

  • Will I find someone else to love me?

During challenging times, it feels like the future is bleak and unclear... Almost like entering a dark tunnel.

In a tunnel, there is darkness all around. You eventually reach the light by taking one step at a time in the right direction. The light may appear far away, yet moving forward gets you closer to your goal. The fear of the unknown can feel paralyzing. Recently, my brother faced one of those situations. His job that he lovingly committed to for the past 12 years, unexpectedly suspended him. He panicked, thinking:

-Will I be fired? -Would I be able to find another job? -What happens if I run out of money?

Unfortunately, his fears came true and he was let go. He had won employee awards and developed lifelong relationships at this job, but it had come to an abrupt end. While he found himself facing grim uncertainty, he groped for answers wondering: What do I do now? He did what I hope you will do if you find yourself in darkness. He took the first step forward. Oprah Winfrey calls this doing the next right thing.

My brother: 1. Used this as a learning opportunity. He assessed how his actions may have contributed to the outcome.

2. Took steps towards resolution He accepted responsibility for his role and acknowledged the aspects that were unjust. Most importantly, he was committed to being better and refusing to harbor resentment.

3. Moved forward He began applying for other jobs I reassured my brother what I wholeheartedly felt to be true: In order for him to grow, he had to go For him to make progress in life, the job had to be stripped away. He was so comfortable in his employment that he settled and stop seeking growth, financially or otherwise. Approximately 2-weeks after he was fired, my brother humbly accepted a position that he did not feel met the needs for himself or his family. He was grateful for the offer and gave his services and energy with a positive attitude. The pay and the benefits were not ideal, but he chose to focus on gratitude and maintain his extraordinary work ethic. A short time later, he was offered the job of his dreams with double the income he received when working for his 12 year employer. This new opportunity also touted great benefits and opportunities for growth. It is my belief that his willingness to move forward, even when he felt darkness surrounding him, opened the door to his new opportunity.

If you are currently in a tunnel, plagued by uncertainty, take a step forward and do the next right thing.

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