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BLOG: Becoming a Business Woman

Becoming a Business Woman:

Transitioning from Healing a Few to Impacting the World

I’ve always been an empathic listener and soother of the soul. From early childhood, I was the person that people poured out their heart to. The old folks would say that I had an old soul. Yep, I was in 3rd grade listening to my high school aged cousin vent about some jerk that did her wrong. I recall telling her, “you’re too good for him anyway.”

I eventually transferred my gift of listening and support into a career. I have been blessed to identify my calling and am using it to make a living.

Some might disagree, but for me being a therapist is the easy part. My biggest challenge lies in figuring out how to go from being a therapist affecting a few people to becoming a global healer impacting the world.

It is time for me to further expand my reach (and multiply my income in the process). I don’t think I have to choose between being compassionate and achieving financial freedom. They can coexist, but how?

Have you ever wondered,

How do I transfer my talent or passion into a lucrative income?

Just as I was heavily pondering this question, my good friend with an entrepreneurial sprit and big dreams, invited me to accompany her to an event. Clearly, great minds think alike, because the event was the Wealthy Visionary Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

At the conference, I was immediately impressed by the environment of passion and power amongst the audience! I was equally moved by the powerful presentation of the beautiful, small framed host of the event.

Professional speaker, author and visionary, Marcia Wieder, dynamically presented on numerous topics, but the message that hit home for me was on Engagement. For you clinicians out there, this Engagement is not referring to the therapeutic rapport building that we are used to. Let me paraphrase the concept based upon my understanding.

Ms. Wieder proposed a Heart Centered Engagement approach to giving your sales pitch: 1. Connect your audience to what you care about

2. Communicate your vision clearly

3. Offer a compelling opportunity for them to partner with you

The therapist in me was astonished by the blending of sales and compassion.

I can freely speak to an audience of any size on most mental health related topics, but the idea of selling my brand to others absolutely terrifies me. This model made it seem more manageable.

So, here’s my Heart Centered Engagement:

1. I am a healer. It is my calling and gift. It is also much needed in our world that is frequently being faced with traumatic events. My ability to sit with people in immense pain and help pull them out of that space, separates me from many.

2. The primary way that I heal is in my role as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. However, I expand my healing through: a. Public Speaking - to all audiences,

b. Training - other mental health professionals and

c. Writing - blogs and an upcoming book

By sharing my gifts with groups of others, I reach a broader audience.

My ultimate goal is to be an international trauma specialist. I can’t prevent atrocious acts from occurring, but I can support healing from it. I can help people rewrite their stories from pain into declarations of triumph.

3. You can partner with me on this quest to heal broken hearts and wounded souls, by doing one or more of the following: a. Staying connected. Subscribe to my website and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (@ChevonnaLMFT).

b. Hiring me. I can to train your staff or speak at your organization on numerous topics.

c. Investing in my brand. You can support the distribution and mass marketing of my upcoming book that will revolutionize the field of mental health, The Emerging Healer.

Thank you for partnering with me on this journey.

So, audience – What do you think? How did I do? I love feedback, but consider that I am a work in progress. Please be polite.

Try applying this technique to your own business. I found it useful in conceptualizing and presenting my vision. I hope it is useful for you, as well.

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***For more information about Ms. Marcia Wieder, including her books, products and services, visit

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