November 18, 2016

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you are an adult. You took time to read words that weren’t in a social media caption or music lyric, so YES…you have to be over 25.

Many of you are finding your way in this great big world. 

You are exploring:
1.    Industry – work, school, trade, hobby or skill
2.    Relationship – friendships, romantic partnerships, colleagues, children and/or relatives

Once upon a time, there was a third, equally significant, category:
3.    Dreams and Desires

As you navigate this whole ‘adulting’ thing, meeting your basic needs, supporting others and mixing in some recreation, that 3rd category appears to disappear.

Where did those dreams go? They seem to have been swallowed up by responsibilities.
Let me be your voice of reason. Don’t let those dreams die! They must remain active, so you can not only exist, but truly live.  

Do you want to:
-Start a school or mentor others?
-Travel the world?
-Play an instrument?

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